BodySoul Dream Salons

Dreams Come Out Of Our Earth/Body And To Work With A Dream, You Have To Take It Back Into That Earth.

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Dream IMAGES from the DEPTHS of the body-psyche carry wisdom and guidance for the soul's journey. Each Salon will offer an opportunity to work with a theme such as Animal Dreams and Recurring Dreams; or a specific approach to working with dreams such as Active Imagination, Movement, and Writing. Participants will explore the personal and archetypal aspects of dream images.

The BodySoul work of Jungian Analyst, Marion Woodman, will be discussed and excerpts from DVD interviews with Marion will be shown.

2016 Sessions :

February 27, June 18, Ocotber 22,

Location: Either Santa Cruz or Monterey ~ TBA

Times: will vary 10am - 12:00pm or evenings 6pm - 8:00pm.

Cost: $50

Ceu's: CEU's available for additional fee. Mft, Lcsw

Contact: Andrea Wells, Mft,

Honoring the Darkness~A Winter Solstice Retreat~

~ Saturday December 12. 1pm - 6pm

Current Retreat Offerings:

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