Grief and Loss Workshops and Retreats

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A Day of Sharing and Ceremony

Being in grief often means feeling alone and isolated even when surrounded by others who love and care for us.

Ceremony and ritual honor the larger mystery of life and the transformative experience of grief.

This day offers a time to gather in a supportive space, as you navigate the waters of grief to:

• share memories of your loved ones
• participate in healing grief rituals
• gather skills for staying in connection with others in the midst of grief

Date: To be announced, contact Andrea for more information

I have found in my many years of being with those in grief is that the impact of grief on important relationships is often overlooked. Everyone grieves differently and this can sometimes create a disconnect from others grieving the same loss. Additionally, the culture at large lacks an understanding of the grief process and this often results in a pressure to “get over” the grief. Those in grief need permission to allow the grief to unfold in its own way and time. We never “get over” grief, rather we find a way to weave it into the tapestry of our lives.

I worked with Hospice Caring Project for 13 years providing Grief Support for hospice patient family members as well as grief support to people from the larger Santa Cruz community grieving the loss of loved ones due to illness, (not on hospice service), accidents and suicide. I also developed a Clinical Intern Training Program and served as the Clinical Intern Supervisor for 6 years. In addition, I am an Adjunct Faculty member at John F. Kennedy University and have taught Death, Dying and Bereavement since 2001.

There is nothing so whole as a broken heart.


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In The Presence of Grief, Andrea Wells, Mft